The Empowered Voice Weekend Intensive

Engage with a community of women in a safe environment. 

Join in community with other women who have struggled with not being seen or heard and have endured years of silence. If you are part of  #MeToo, you know exactly what I mean.

Women have been silenced for so long that now when called to speak out and model for others, we’re not sure how to hold vulnerability and yet share our story in a powerful way.

The Empowered Voice Weekend Intensive is a safe space and community that feels empowering. It’s a space where you can comfortably share your story in an authentic, vulnerable and powerful way.

The Empowered Voice Weekend Intensive is intended for women who would like to share their stories through expressive arts. As healers, social workers, nonprofit organizers, civic leaders and therapists we are so often drawn into our work because of our experiences, yet our trauma often gets in the way of our work.
The weekend intensive is a deep dive into healing and releasing the residual effects of sexual assault in order to ignite your inner power, self confidence and authentic voice.
It’s perfect for women who have confronted their own trauma in order to be authentic and want to step more fully into their life’s work. 
Women who would like to share their story with others in an effort to empower other survivors will benefit greatly as they share their stories more powerfully.

Three Magnificent Days

This sacred retreat is peer led by 3 experienced alternative healing practitioners; Claire O’Leary, Shannon Jones and Tanya Blacklight. You will be guided through healing the lingering effects of your deep wound.

Discover deeper meaning to your life through movement, guided meditation, expressive arts and ceremonial practices.  You will identify, release and reframe your wounds.

Ignite your inner power to discover a level of self-confidence you never knew you had.

Engage your creativity to share your healing story through expressive arts in a vulnerable yet powerful way.

Feel seen and heard!

The Alchemy of an Empowered Voice


Shannon Jones, a Tamalpa Practitioner, will guide us in transformational, interactive movement that ignites physical, mental and emotional responses.

The guided, somatic-based movement is a source for creative exploration, self-discovery and builds awareness of the changes we would like to embody.

Guided Meditation

Claire O’Leary guides us in guided meditations that will inspire you to connect to your higher self, open your heart, help you forgive, release and discover new meaning through your old wound(s).

Each meditation is followed by art journaling and deep sharing providing creativity, community and a deep knowledge of self.

Expressive Art

The art we create will focus on healing and releasing our core wound from sexual assault.

We’ll begin with art journaling from our higher self and with an open heart. We will end with portraying our healing journey through various mediums in a artist book or other format. The artwork will be displayed at the Empowered Voice Traveling Exhibit.

Ceremonial Practices

Tanya Blacklight will lead us in practical and ceremonial practices at the end of each day. We will experience a womb massage and meditation that we can practice for ourselves later as needed. We’ll also practice a Yoni cleanse using herbs to cleanse the womb for a big release. Sunday ends with an Angel Walk to affirm each other in unconditional love.

3 Magnificent Days – Only $297









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Art Journal 

Guided Meditation CD
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Ceremonial Bath Salts

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I participated in the 8-week Empowered Voice Workshop series, led by Claire, and took away so much more than I could have expected. Each week, Claire helped us ground through meditative exercises, and afterwards I channeled and wrote some powerful poems about different pieces of me and my experience. I found that creative energy flowing even outside our workshop sessions. By the end of the series, I had completed an 8 page artist book of paintings and poems reflecting the phases of my journey, and I’m so proud to have completed something so beautiful, especially without an extensive art background. Claire’s energy is subtly powerful.

Drusilla Cowan

Co-Founder + COO, Survivor Alliance

The Intensive Experience

The practices of movement, creative arts and voice are potent tools in healing trauma and promoting release, change and growth.

The weekend intensive begins with the basic tenet of healing by releasing old stories and wounds through expressive arts, guided meditation and movement. You will begin to empower your authentic voice, through art, song, poetry, story telling and movement. Self-care practices and ceremonial processes are also incorporated each day.

The weekend intensive leads to your opportunity to be seen and heard through the Empowered Voice Traveling Exhibit . This is your opportunity to share your personal healing story through various expressive arts and release any residual fear of being seen or heard.


The 3-Day Experience

Day 1 – A Day of Healing 10 am – 7 pm

Through a series of guided meditations followed by art journaling you will identify, release and reframe the story you are ready to share with the world.

10 – 11 am:  Introductions and Expectations

11 – Noon:  Shannon will guide you in transformational, interactive movement that is sure to ignite physical, mental and emotional responses related to your specific wound.

Noon – 1 pm:  Art journaling will allow you time to debrief what you felt during the movement and note emotional, physical and mental feelings that came up.

1 – 2 pm:  Lunch and casual discussion over a fresh organic meal.

2 – 6 pm:  Claire will lead you through a series of guided meditations followed by art journaling.

  • The Higher Self Meditation takes you to your place of higher knowledge to intentionally identify the most important part of your healing journey to work with this weekend and the specific story you are meant to share with the world at this time.
  • Art Journaling will help you solidify and portray that story through writing and art.
  • The Forgiveness Meditation will help you release any anger or other negative emotions you wish to release regarding your story and the drama and negative patterns it holds for you.
  • Art journaling will strengthen your new found beliefs and inner power.
  • The Reframing Meditation will create a new story based on a perspective of inner power.
  • Art journaling will help you solidify your new knowledge and illustrate it powerfully.
  • The balance of our time will be spent sharing among one another.

6 – 7 pm:  Tanya will lead you in a Heart to Womb Journey where you travel from heart to womb to discover new gifts. She will then teach you a Womb Massage Practice that you can use on your own as you choose.

Day 2 – Crafting Your Story  9 am – 7 pm

9 – 9:30 am: Movement

9:30 – 9:45 am: Heart Opening Meditation

9:45 – 11 am: Art Journaling


11:15 – Noon Shares

Noon – 1 pm: All About Book Arts

Creating Your Story
Translating your story to paper (words to art)

1 – 2 pm: Lunch and shares over a fresh organic meal.

2 – 6 pm: Arting Your Story

6 – 7 pm: Tanya will guide us through a Yonni cleanse using hot water & herbs for a big release

Day 3 – Refining Your Artwork  9 am – 4:30 pm

9 – 9:30 am: Movement / Opening Meditation

9:30 am – Noon: Arting Your Story

Noon – 1 pm: Lunch and shares over a fresh organic meal.

1 – 3 pm: Arting Your Story

3:30 – 4 pm: Wrap-up

3:30 – 4:30 pm: For our final ceremony, Tanya will guide us in an Angel Walk where we receive accolades and affirmations.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ― Anaïs Nin

What’s Keeping You Stuck?

In order to release your fear of being seen and heard, you must first identify what is keeping you from sharing your truth (your story).

What is keeping you from even knowing yourself? It’s through knowing yourself that you find your inner power.

It’s through igniting your inner power that you discover your self-confidence.

It’s through self-confidence that you allow yourself to communicate freely – deeply – honestly and passionately. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable takes self-confidence. That confidence takes self acceptance and self-love to a whole new level!

Absolute self-love brings on a new level of self-confidence – allowing you the freedom to be who you are naturally. Not who you believe you should be. Not what others believe you should be. Not what others believe you should do.

But first, you must discover who you are – at the very core of your being. Only then can you allow yourself to be seen – to be heard.

Are you ready? To be seen? To be heard?

Claire O'Leary, Survivor's Healing Alchemist

Claire O’Leary empowers the authentic voice of women who have experienced sexual assault, so they feel more confident and have the inner power to share their stories vulnerably yet powerfully.

She does this by bringing women together in a safe space and facilitates tapping into their inner power which re-ignites their creativity and confidence in themselves by empowering others through their stories and experiences.

Claire’s work is peer based. She uses the techniques learned through her years of healing her sexual assault.

Founder, Sacred Heart Healing Arts

Shannon’s passion for healing and expressive arts began in childhood when she spontaneously brought a newborn kitten back to life through healing touch. She holds a Level I certification for expressive arts therapy from the Tamalpa Institute.

She is also an active performer and member of Co-Motion Dance Company in Carbondale, CO and offers therapeutic dance performances for various events.

Shannon believes that the rainbow of emotions must be experienced so that authentic creativity can flourish and sustainable healing and change accomplished.

Creative Director, Blacklight Studios

Tanya Blacklight is Creative Director of Blacklight Studios in Paonia, CO., a Multicultural Arts and Healing Center reclaiming indigenous ways through earth wisdom. She teaches healing and ceremonial practices such as womb massage, meditation, Yoni cleanse, Angel Walk and more.

Tanya is a woman of many talents; a creatrix, a mama, a moon worshiper, a magick manifestor, a temple dancer and a purveyor of pleasure.

Tanya’s art is influenced by natural cycles, metaphysics, collective biorhythms and psyche, her work is translated into modern day storytelling via the human form.










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As part of my healing journey, Claire has helped me with diving deeper into my inner space to discover more about myself in deeper ways. I am always thankful to discover new levels of beingness with Claire.  Cari L.

Claire creates a safe and pensive environment of trust and provides gentle, guidance for your own journey of self discovery.  B. Ries

I was truly surprised that I was able to find forgiveness in my heart where before there was none. I was amazed at the sense of peace this experience brought me and that I was inspired to believe I could attain them [forgiveness & peace] again.  Bridget R.

I had the most amazing day today after our workshop.  I was motivated and upbeat and those feelings have been lost to me for some time. I spent most of the day processing and when I found myself in a dark place I just envisioned that family hug and instantly felt better.  M. Simonds


I understand that sometimes as much as we want to do things the finances are just not there at the moment. We currently have 2 partial scholarships available.

The EMPOWERed Voice Traveling Exhibit 

The inaugural EMPOWERed VOICE Traveling Exhibit launched April 5, 2019 in Carbondale Colorado, during Sexual Assault and Awareness month. Included was a public exhibit of art, movement, and verbal expression by survivors of sexual assault.

Live and video performances of healing movement, music, art and stories from around the country were shared. Surprising us were three spontaneous shares from women who previously had said they weren’t ready.

The traveling exhibit is meant to expand public awareness around sexual assault in an effort to eliminate sexual assault in our lifetime while creating a safe space for survivors to be seen and heard.

It was followed by an exhibit of the art and a short workshop at Redefined 2019: A Day of Healing, on April 27,2019.

The next Exhibit will be in September in Paonia Colorado. Date and time TBD.

We are also working on an exhibit and weekend intensive in Seattle, WA. Stay tuned for details.