It’s 6 am and I’m bouncing off the walls.

I usually drink my coffee half-caff but this morning I was out of decaf coffee.

A check I’ve been expecting hasn’t yet arrived so I’ve been cautious, not spending money on frivolous things like Starbucks decaffeinated coffee. Seriously?! I think to myself, That is not frivolous, Claire. Decaf is a necessity!

I’m reading emails, sending emails, and generally my brain is all over the place.

Then, I read this email from Laura Belgray

In it, she tells a great story about running through the airport following the couple ahead of her. Then,

“The moral of this story? Stop running and chasing things in your business just because someone else is. If you don’t even know why they’re doing it, maybe you shouldn’t copy. Chill. Hang back and buy a two-foot Toblerone. WHO ARE WE KIDDING? I don’t really have a moral.”

Suddenly I realize, Laura is right. I need to chill! I need to FOCUS.

I’m avoiding doing the one thing I need to get done before my 9am meeting.

I go to turn off my email…

OOPS! Not yet. There’s an email from Sheri that I need to read. OOH, the beautiful photo of an owl in flight that I’d asked her for. Oh, and now I have a new source for free high res photos. 

Ah, here’s another one – I need to check Sally Hogshead’s email… Ted Mcgrath, Alina Vincent, Bill Baren, Ryan Deiss, Marisa Murgatroyd. So many great names, great people to follow who have priceless information.

But it’s overload… and I can’t seem to get anything accomplished.

What works for one may not work for another.

Choose what works for you and leave the rest alone.

What is keeping you so busy that puts you on overload? What do you need to focus on but are putting off?

Let me know below.